1. Phenomenal, That's Me! Still Standing
    An outstanding read of life challenges that were victoriously overcome! I co-authored this book with 11 other Phenomenal Women! My chapter is entitled, "Still Standing After Divorce!" I talk about my life after divorce. This is a must read for anyone who has faced, or is facing challenging issues in the area of divorce, cancer, domestic violence, or finding your purpose! These are just a few of the journeys! Get yours today!
  2. No Glory Without a Story
    I am so glad I don't look like what I have been through! In 2003, I went through a divorce after being married for 13 years! My life and the life of my children were turned upside down! In "No Glory Without a Story" I share my journey in my chapter entitled "Enduring the Pain of a Broken Heart". Their are other powerful life changing stories of glories ranging from Domestic Violence, Overcoming Odds in a Male Dominated Construction Business to stories of Miraculous healings and Dream Chasers. I co-authored this book with 19 other authors. Men and women from across the United States who boldly share their journey. Order your copy today!