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MIASpeaks Author, Transformational Keynote Speaker, Trainer/Facilitator, Retreat Leader for personal & professional development. Learn more about what we do below.

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Welcome to our website

We offer a variety of customized packages to meet your personal and/or professional needs. MIASpeaks has over 20 years experience in training/facilitating/coaching/mentoring, transformational speaking in the following areas: relationships (engaged, married, divorced, single), parenting, business, visioning (vision boards and mini-vision boards) and customer service.

*****COMING SOON*****
Thought provoking blog post around wellness (mind, body and soul). MIASpeaks believes that these areas impact how we show up in the various areas of our lives! #BeYourOwnO1st (Be Your Own Oxygen First)

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Leadership Retreat 2019


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Be Your Best!

Leadership Retreat 2019

Leadership Retreat 2019

Parent -Child Relationship 

Keynote Transformational Networking Conference 2020


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