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Welcome to Spring Time, Busy Single Parent!

Great time to create that well needed self care plan.  As busy single parents, we spend sooooooo much time taking care of everyone else, but US! I can hear many of you saying, "I don't have time to do any type of self care!" "I have to do this and do that for my children!" Have you ever thought about what would your children do without you? Have you ever thought about how you taking care of you is a priority and not an option.  Do you realize that you are teaching your children that everyone else matters, but you?  When we don't show our children how to take care of themselves when they grow up, or as they grow up they may think this is what I am supposed to do as an adult, do for others and not me.  Think about all that and ask yourself what is it that I am teaching my child through my life experiences?

So what is it that you can creatively do for your self care today? It is easier than you think.  Here are a couple of easy self care activities you can do not only for you, but also with your children! Teach them early.

1.  Go outside! Yes, go outside take a quick walk (5 min or more - make it simple for you), or play! Yes, play with your children.

2.  Eat two pieces of fruit today.  Yep that simple - eating healthy is part of self care.

3.  Take time to breathe! Take a few deep breaths to calm and/or relax.  My favorite is box breathing (google it :-)).

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Thank you for your time today and make it a great Spring time!

Kindest Regards, Mia 

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