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Dear Single Parent!

Congratulations on a job well done this year! We are at the end of 2022 which means it’s time to plan for our 2023. Are you living a life by default or design? Are you just going with the flow and letting how life happens be just that or are you taking an active role in your life and thriving. Yes, as a busy single parent you have choices and can thrive!

Two primary choices are how are you providing self-care to you and what goals have you set for you? As a single parent because we do sooooooo much it’s imperative that we are taking care of ourselvrs. I recognize as busy single parents your world is chaotic because there is only one you. I am passionate about using my voice to help busy single parents take care of themselves first and then their children by applying simple self-care tips from the 8 components of your wellbeing (physical, emotional/mental, environmental, occupational, spiritual, social, financial and intellectual).

Don’t overthink it and make it complicated, we at MIASpeaks are here to help you walk through your self-care journey and set and achieve some goals as well. In this month’s blog I am sharing some simple ideas that you will be so surprised that self-care is this simple. All it takes is a commitment to ones self-first to take care of you! Have you ever flown on an airplane, well if you have not there is time set before the air carrier takes flight that the flight attendant will explain what to do if the oxygen mask are released. They instruct the adults to place the mask on their face and breathe first. Then if there is a child seated next to them, then place the Oxygen mask on them. Do you know why it’s so important to place the Oxygen mask on you first? Yes, so you can take care of yourself first and have the strength to take care of the child. Such as with self-care!

I promise you these tips will be so simple and useful until you will start today! If you work for or know of an organization looking for speakers to share wellness/self-care tips and resources, please advise them to connect with me. My email is: [email protected] and my phone number is 352-MIA-SPKS (642-7757).

Thank you for your time today and make it a great week!

Kindest Regards, Mia 

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